Empower Loans: Fast Cash Advances, But Read the Fine Print

Online lenders like Empower Loans (Empower.me Loans) promise quick cash and convenience. But before you sign up, it’s crucial to understand their services, costs, and reputation. In this review, we analyze Empower’s website, application process, fees, support, and user feedback to see if they live up to the hype.

Empower Review

Website Design and Functionality

Empower’s site has a clean, modern look, and finding contact information and their terms and privacy policy is easy. This basic level of transparency is a positive sign.

Loan Application: Seemingly Transparent, but Look Deeper

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Empower does a decent job outlining eligibility and how to apply. This suggests upfront clarity, but it’s vital to dig into the specifics. Their primary focus is on cash advances, which can come with high fees in addition to their subscription cost.

Interest Rates and Fees: It’s Not Just About Interest

Empower may advertise competitive interest rates on their credit lines; however, their strength lies in cash advances. Be aware:

  • Cash advances: Have no interest, BUT they come with optional express delivery charges and a monthly subscription fee after your initial trial period.
  • Credit Lines: Carry APRs that can be high depending on your creditworthiness.

Customer Support: Available, But Not Always Helpful

Empower offers multiple contact channels, which is commendable. However, online reviews indicate that the quality of support is inconsistent. Some users have positive experiences, while others report long wait times or unhelpful agents.

Online Reputation: Good Reviews, But Caveats Exist

Empower generally enjoys positive feedback for fast funding and a user-friendly platform. However, concerns exist about high fees and occasionally unhelpful customer service. Be mindful of these mixed reviews.


Empower Loans appears to be a legitimate platform with some positives. Their cash advances provide quick access to funds. However, it’s crucial to understand all associated costs, including subscription fees and express delivery charges. Their credit lines might not be the most competitive option for everyone. Before applying, compare Empower carefully with other lenders.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What’s the difference between Empower’s cash advance and a credit line?

  1. Cash Advance: A short-term advance of up to $250 (potentially more with a paid subscription). NO mandatory interest, but includes potential express delivery fees and a monthly subscription after your trial period.
  2. Credit Line: More traditional loan with available credit of up to $1,000. Carries an APR, which varies based on creditworthiness.

Is Empower a good option for building credit?

Empower CAN report your payment history to credit bureaus, which may help build credit. However, their focus is primarily cash advances. If credit building is your main goal, explore other credit-builder loans or secured credit cards that might offer more robust reporting.

How much does Empower ACTUALLY cost?

Beyond any interest on your credit line, consider:

  • Optional turbo delivery fees: For extremely fast access to your cash advance.
  • Monthly subscription fee: Kicks in after the initial trial period. Unlocks larger advance amounts and other benefits.

How long does it take to get money from Empower?

  • Standard Cash Advance: Usually within 24-48 hours.
  • Express Cash Advance: Can arrive much faster, but for an additional fee.
  • Credit Line Funding: May take a few business days.

Can I trust Empower’s customer support?

Visit their support page for help.

However, online reviews reveal mixed experiences. Some users praise the support team, while others report frustration with long wait times or unhelpful agents. Consider this when deciding if they’re right for you.

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